Nutrient Deficiencies Are Common: We’re Here to Help

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family-in-woodsRecent studies show that many people are not getting the nutrients their bodies need. In spite of the fact that 65% of Americans take supplements, 98% have nutrient deficiencies. Why is this? There are many factors at play here, and one of them is that taking a multivitamin without an understanding of what you need is like throwing darts in the dark.

Here are a few more reasons why nutrient deficiencies are so prevalent:

• Prescriptions can rob you of specific nutrients that are not taken into account in mass-produced multivitamins.
• Our diets are not always nutritionally balanced.
• Over-farming and other commercial farming practices have created foods with less nutrient density.
• Stress, negative emotions and poor diet can lower body pH, which affects vital nutrients as the body works to rebalance pH.
• Each person has unique biochemical needs that may be different from other people’s needs.

Why does matching your body’s nutrient needs matter?

• Nutrient deficiencies are a leading cause of chronic health conditions and diseases.
• Nutrients are the essential building blocks for maintaining good health.
• Nutrients allow the body to build, repair and to help you feel your best.

So what should you do?

At Village Green, we’re here to provide you with resources, support and tools to assist you with achieving your health goals, including helping you identify and address nutrient depletions. Here are some ways we can help.

1. We have a new, free program called IQYOU, a powerful and intelligent personal health platform. After you enter your health information, IQYOU will assess your health risks and prescription and nutrient depletions, based on research and clinical studies, and will produce an action report for you. You will be offered the option of ordering a customized daily NutraPack to give you the nutrients you need.

2. Call us with your questions, use our Ask-the-Expert web feature, or set up an appointment with one of our practitioners.

3. Take advantage of our individualized lab tests for nutritional deficiencies, as well as other testing.

4. Check out our online health-related information:

• Healthy living blog
• Weekly broadcast of Essentials of Healthy Living radio show, plus radio show archives with years of tremendous information on many health topics
• Website with resources and information on health issues and nutritional approaches

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Our goal at Village Green Apothecary is to help you optimize your health. We believe that getting to the root cause of health issues is the most direct route to extraordinary health. And because you’re unique, including your lifestyle, diet, biochemistry and DNA, your solutions must also reflect your uniqueness. We’re here to help! Please take full advantage of our terrific staff and resources.

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