Lab Test for Checking Your Nutritional Status

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Even with the best diet, you may be deficient in certain nutrients and not even know it. Nutrient deficiencies can result from various health conditions, stress, intense physical exercise, and medications. Research has shown that nutrient deficiencies can suppress the function of the immune system and contribute to degenerative processes, such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

How do you know if you are getting the essential vitamins and minerals that you need? A cutting-edge test can provide insight into your nutrient status. It is called a MicroNutrient Test by SpectraCell Laboratories. It measures and assesses long-term intracellular levels of a wide range of nutrients – 32 micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Regular serum (blood) testing measures short-term quantities of vitamins and minerals, which can easily be affected by recent dietary changes or medications. Unlike serum tests, SpectraCell measures nutrient status over the last 4-8 months by using the patient’s own lymphocytes (white blood cells) to measure the biochemical function of important nutrients. This test is able to determine the amounts needed to replenish specific nutrients and provides patients with individualized plans specific to their unique vitamin or mineral requirements.

Correcting nutrient deficiencies is critical to promoting strong immune function and optimal health. Contact Village Green to learn more about SpectraCell testing and find out if you are getting the nutrients you need!

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