Kick the Summer Cold

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Who gets colds in the summer? I do! And it’s awful. I want to be enjoying the beautiful weather, swimming in the pool or heading to our cottage on the lake, but instead I am nursing a runny nose, sinus headache, and coughing fits.

It all started with too much to do, not getting enough sleep, and therefore not taking care of myself like I should have been doing. With a lowered immune system, the cold virus just took hold.

But not for long. I took Pathway Cold and Sinus Blaster, along with plenty of vitamin C and before you knew it, I was back to my old self. Pathway Cold and Sinus Blaster is a unique product that supports the immune system with herbs like horseradish, echinacea, elderberry, garlic, peppermint oil, and goldenseal.

Pick some up while it’s on sale. It is a handy supplement to have on hand for those colds that sneak up on you.

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