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MarkSivieriVillage Green is excited to be a key sponsor of an all-day Wellness Workshop presented by functional medicine experts Mark Sivieri, M.D., and Lynn Dudley, P.A., along with certified life and health coach Joda Coolidge. The workshop will take place on Saturday, September 29 from 9:00-3:00 pm at the Women’s Club of Bethesda (Maryland). The subject of the workshop is “How to Live a Healthy Life with Positive Vitality – Not Merely the Absence of Disease.”

At this workshop, you will:

· Learn how stress impacts your adrenals, hormones, and overall wellbeing – and how you can take charge of effectively managing the stress in your life.

· See why gastrointestinal health matters more than you think, and how to achieve and maintain it. 

· Understand why “diet” is a four-letter word, and learn more effective approaches for lasting health.

· Energize the natural way, instead of relying on stimulants.

· Improve your health through guided imagery and the mind-body connection.

· Implement a plan for eating foods low on the glycemic index, and understand why this is so important.

· Set goals for wellness in your everyday life. You’ll walk out with a plan!

· Eat a delicious, organic lunch.

The fee for the workshop is $100 per person if you register before September 7, 2012. After September 7, the price will be $125 per person. This workshop is expected to fill up, so don’t delay. Reserve your space today!

About the presenters:

We’re pleased to welcome two experts in functional medicine from the Sivieri Wellness Center: Dr. Mark Sivieri and Physician’s Assistant Lynn Dudley. Both are extremely knowledgeable and experienced experts who integrate the best in both conventional and alternative medicine to transform their patients’ level of wellness.

The Sivieri Wellness Center has proven very popular and successful with patients in the DC Metro area. The staff takes the time to examine and treat the root causes of poor health and chronic disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The Center’s approach is the direct result of Dr. Sivieri’s philosophy that ongoing wellness is just as important – if not more important – than treating diseases as they occur.

Mark Sivieri, MD, is the Medical Director at the Sivieri Wellness Center and is a board-certified Family Practice physician and licensed acupuncturist.

Lynn Dudley has worked as a Physician’s Assistant with Dr. Sivieri for over 7 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Sciences and Physician Assistant Certification from George Washington University. She is also both a Certified Clinical Thermographer and a Certified Lifestyle Coach. Lynn specializes in women’s issues, including nutrition, lifestyle education, children’s health issues, bioidentical hormone replacement, breast thermography, and hormonal, endocrine, and metabolic dysfunction.

The Wellness Workshop is hosted by Joda Coolidge, the life and wellness coach responsible for creating this event. She is the founder of Live Life Happy Life/Wellness Coaching and Best Friend Retreats. She’ll also be on hand to answer questions, supply her perspective and expertise, and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your workshop to the fullest.

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