IQYOU: A New Smart Tool for Individualized Healthcare Solutions

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iqyou full colorI’m pleased to join Village Green as a Medical Advisor and will be highlighting information on specific health topics that can directly benefit our readers. To begin with, I’d like to talk about a new program that can provide individualized healthcare information to help optimize your health.

Let’s review the typical healthcare scenario. You get a check-up once or twice a year and receive health feedback, but the only other time you see your doctor or other health practitioners is for managing an ache, pain or sickness. Often a prescription is provided and over time, you may be taking a variety of prescriptions for multiple conditions. By the time the average person is 45, they are taking 4.5 different prescriptions per year, and by age 65, they’re taking 7 or more. And just think of all the costs involved with multiple prescriptions and managing chronic illnesses!

The solution is to promote health, rather than simply treat disease, and to address dysfunctions and deficiencies BEFORE they become ill-health. By addressing the underlying causes, versus masking symptoms with prescriptions, many drugs may never be needed and others may be reduced or eliminated.

Unfortunately, the medical system is oriented to late-stage disease. Managing the complexity of preventative care and addressing the precursor to ill-health has been difficult. There are limited resources for consumers and for physicians for individualized wellness plans and programs, and generic care has been the standard, rather than personalized care.

I’m enthused to introduce a new tool, which I believe will help bridge the healthcare gap. It’s called IQYOU, a free, web-based, artificial intelligence smart tool that can help people create their own individualized nutritional supplement program. It’s HIPAA compliant for safety and security, and I’ll be reviewing the many benefits in my future posts. My team has spent 13 years developing this smart tool, which has been utilized by doctors and corporate wellness programs with outstanding results. Village Green collaborated on creating the consumer version in order to make this available to more people.

Learn more about IQYOU. When you try our free smart tool, you’ll be able to fill out your health profile and receive a health score, disease risk assessment, 21-Day Quick Start Guide, and view solutions to guide your health choices.

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