Introducing EpiBioGenetics™ – The Convergence of Lifestyle, Biochemistry and DNA

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IQYOUEpiBioGenetics™ is leading the way in the personal health revolution by converging science, logic and technology to provide individuals with customized recommendations. IQYOU coined the term EpiBioGenetics™ to describe the integration of one’s DNA information alongside a person’s symptoms, lab results, diet and activity levels, and toxic exposure to identify solutions specific to their unique needs. EpiBioGenetics™ enables one’s biology to be better understood. Not only does it help determine disease risk, but it also determines key factors that promote health for each individual.

• EPI: Lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, exercise, sleep patterns, medications and other data points make you uniquely you. IQYOU’s Smart Questions help map thousands of these data points to provide feedback and information to minimize health risks and help individuals feel their best.

• BIO: Personalized lab panels help to determine one’s unique biochemistry. By looking at biochemistry, IQYOU can map out important aspects of health such as toxin load, specific nutrient deficiencies, and possible food allergies or sensitivities.

• GENETICS: One’s DNA blueprint can unlock clues regarding future health issues. DNA can also be a crucial piece in solving a person’s health puzzle. While labs can tell us about biochemistry, genetic testing can provide a better blueprint for things such as toxin elimination, specific diets, nutrient utilization, and for making other important health decisions.

IQYOU has joined forces with 23andMe, a leader in genetic testing. IQYOU can now integrate one’s DNA results, provide a detailed report, and factor the results into the creation of customized health recommendations. A 23andMe test can be ordered directly through the IQYOU platform, or results can be uploaded into IQYOU if someone already has DNA results. Either way, it’s easy to do. IQYOU recommends ordering the $99 Ancestry test kit.

Click here to get started today, and let IQYOU guide you in making the most informed choices for your health.

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