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IMG_0652a_smallDid you know that many prescription medications cause nutrient deficiencies? In plants, you can tell the signs of nutrient deficiencies just by looking at the leaves. In humans, symptoms may show up as fatigue, discolored nails, lackluster or brittle hair, or in other ways. Prescription risks and nutrient deficiencies, often shown through symptoms such as these, are the precursors to future ill health.

Prescription interactions are the fourth leading cause of emergency visits in the U.S. If you take a prescription, there are risks that can cause future conditions unless you know how to balance them.

Many common medications can rob the body of vital vitamins and minerals, leading to numerous symptoms and future chronic conditions. Other prescriptions may have negative interactions with specific supplements, for example, a medication might need to be taken several hours before or after taking supplements to avoid interference with the medication’s absorption. Empowered with knowledge, you can make better-informed decisions and even balance out nutritional deficiencies, eliminating symptoms and future health risks.

We have many resources to help you with your questions about prescriptions and your health, including:

• Our full-service Pharmacy, where our pharmacists are trained in drug interactions and depletions.

• Our extensive, specialized Compounding Pharmacy, where we make customized Rx’s, nutrients and pet medications.

Nutrition advisors in-store and by phone.

Ask-the-Expert access to nutrition advisors via the internet.

Wellness consultations with one of our nutritionists, clinical herbalists, naturopathic doctors, or nurse practitioner.

• For your unwanted or unused prescriptions, we have a safe medication disposal program through MedSafe™ medication disposal system.

• Tune in to our weekly radio show, Essentials of Healthy Living, for a wealth of excellent information on many current health topics. We have over 400 archived shows, which are also available on iTunes.

• We now offer a variety of advanced specialty tests and functional lab panels that you can easily order through our website and have sent to your home.

Our goal at Village Green Apothecary is to help you optimize your health. We believe that getting to the root cause of health issues is the most direct route to good health. And because you’re unique, including your lifestyle, diet, biochemistry and DNA, your solutions must also reflect your uniqueness. We’re here to help! Please take full advantage of our terrific staff and resources.

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