Help Prevent Migraines With Butterbur

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Doctors from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society say there are seven prescription medicines and one herbal remedy that have been shown to make a difference in preventing migraine headaches.

The guidelines, which are based on research evidence from 29 migraine prevention studies, found that prescription anti-seizure drugs, blood pressure drugs, and an over-the-counter herb called petasites, more commonly known as butterbur, can help.

Butterbur can have profound physiologically-altering effects, but does so in a subtle fashion that requires sustained supplementation for longer periods of time. The most prominent studies were 12 weeks long, and were double-blind and placebo-controlled involving 128 people. Butterbur proved to be quite effective with patients who experienced as much as a 60% drop in frequency of migraine attacks compared to the placebo group. Other improvements in the petasites group included a reduction in the duration and intensity of such attacks, as well as a decrease in migraine-associated symptoms.

To learn more about butterbur and its benefits, please contact Village Green Apothecary or email us through Ask the Expert.

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