Heart Healthy Ubiquinol

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Ubiquinol is the active form of coenzyme Q10. It is an antioxidant found mostly in the heart and is responsible for generating energy. It prevents and may reverse symptoms of congestive heart failure. Your heart can’t survive without CoQ10. Unfortunately, many medications like statins and drug pressure meds can rob your body of this important nutrient.

There are hundreds of studies to support the benefit of CoQ10 on heart muscle function and its ability to improve heart failure symptoms.

Dr. Peter Langsjoen, a pioneer in the field of cardiac research and CoQ10, found that 51% of patients were able to stop one to three antihypertensive medications after 4-1/2 months of starting CoQ10 therapy. The dosage of CoQ10 varies widely, so consult with a health care professional for the dose that is right for you.

Pathway Ubiquinol offers improved bioavailability, especially to individuals who have difficulty achieving the levels of this nutrient necessary for effective antioxidant support and cellular energy production.

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