Healthy Living and Prevention: Where Are They in Healthcare Reform?

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The numbers tell the story of our current national healthcare crisis…

Lifestyle-related healthcare spending accounts for approximately 70% of total costs. In other words, if our system invested in preventive measures like improved diet, exercise, and education, we could save a huge proportion of our healthcare cost – and also improve millions of lives by helping people avoid obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other common problems.

But right now, lifestyle and healthy living on an individualized approach are not part of the plan for healthcare reform. Why is that?

We could see billions in healthcare savings if the facts about nutrients like vitamin D3, omega 3’s, probiotics and CoQ10 were communicated on a national level – to the medical community as well as individual patients. Greater incentives, education and reward systems need to be put in place for all lifestyle components from the use of nutrients, diet, exercise, stress management and reducing toxins in the body.

In the coming weeks, we will be exploring the trade-offs between health and money here on the Village Green blog. Join us as we seek answers to these questions: 

1. Is healthcare reform the right approach?
2. Is this plan sustainable long term?
3. Will this approach improve patient outcomes?
4. How do we truly manage costs long term?

Please contact us with your thoughts about these issues. We welcome your participation.

Yours for healthy living,
Marc Isaacson
Village Green Apothecary

For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, read my article, The Missing Link in Healthcare Reform: Why Healthy Living and Prevention Aren’t Part of the Plan… But Need To Be.

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