Green Job Opportunities: In a Tough Job Market Consider Jobs Focused On Sustainability & Green Living

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The job market is scary. The unemployment rate is currently more than 9%, and new job creation is sluggish at best. Good-paying jobs are not readily available. If you are out of work, it is common to look for many months before landing a job, even one that is not particularly to your liking.

One sector of the economy is offering job opportunities right now – the green sector. Businesses in alternative energy and companies focused on improving efficiency in energy use and promoting more environmentally- friendly practices are all growing employment.

Why? Consumers and businesses alike see the economic and environmental benefits of greener practices.

If you are interested in finding a job in the green sector, here are 10 areas where positions are likely to be most plentiful.

1. Agricultural Inspector: Food products must be inspected to make sure organic products really are organic.

2. Architect (Environmental / Sustainable Design): We are seeing more demand for LEED buildings, both new and retrofits, and there is a need for people who can design them.

3. Bicycle / Scooter Technicians: As more people avoid driving cars to save gas, these modes of transportation are growing.

4. Green Career Consultants: Helping people find those green job opportunities is also a business.

5. Building Operations Management: Improving the energy and water efficiency of businesses saves money, and adopting green practices is also good public relations.

6. Emissions Trader: Assuming a price is set on carbon emissions and a cap and trade mechanism is put in place, savvy traders will see opportunities here.

7. Landscape Architect: Demand is increasing as people look for ways to limit water usage, yet maintain a garden-like appearance.

8. Environmental Chemist: Analytical skills will be in high demand.

9. Engineer/Biologist for renewable fuels development: A lot of research and development is still needed to make biofuels commercially viable.

10. Green Travel and Hospitality: More and more people are looking to take green vacations and hotels are developing more environmentally friendly practices and need employees to implement them.

Even in a very difficult job market, there are opportunities. I suggest the green sector as one of the most promising over the next few years.

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