Food Intolerances and Weight

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Suzanne Somer’s new book, Sexy Forever, outlines the secrets she believes are the key to successful weight loss after age 40. She says that hormone balancing, toxic burden on our bodies, leaky gut syndrome and food allergies are all triggers that can affect weight loss.

Most of us are familiar with Suzanne Somer’s cancer survival story and how she chose a more “alternative” approach, foregoing the conventional Western approach of chemotherapy and radiation. In this new book, she shares her personal story of her struggles with weight loss. After balancing hormones, eating organic foods and exercising, she still found that she had fat around her middle that she could not get rid of. Seeing in herself the same symptoms that her gluten-intolerant husband had, she took a food allergy test and discovered that she was allergic to eggs, a staple in her diet. By eliminating eggs she lost 10 pounds.

So how can food allergies affect weight loss? Food allergies or intolerances can cause water retention and water weight gain. In practically all food allergy cases, partially digested food compounds pass through a compromised intestinal lining into the bloodstream and eventually travel to tissues, where they cause irritation and inflammation. The body tries to reduce this irritation by retaining water, which dilutes the concentration of the offending material. Storing excess water is the body’s way of attempting to dilute the poison entering the system, while the fat cells expand to offer protection from the foreign invaders. The fat cells actually bloat up and act as buffers between the “toxic” chemicals and the organs. The body hangs on to the fat and water in order to ward off self-poisoning.

Some researchers believe that this is how some food addictions start. Eating the allergen can cause a “high” that starts a craving for that food which can lead to overeating and weight gain. Eliminating food allergens can hypothetically offer many benefits. It can alleviate bloating and water retention, help overcome food cravings and addictions, and boost metabolism and fat-burning in some people.

If you are interested in food allergy testing, contact Village Green Apothecary at 800-869-9159 and ask for Margo.

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