5 Simple Tips to Save Money and Energy

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While we all use energy differently, in general, the most energy is used for heating and cooling the home, with hot water coming in second.

Save money and energy

Good energy habits can help you save. Here are five simple tips to save money and energy… which helps our environment and keeps the green in your wallet.

1. In the kitchen: Make sure your fridge is full! Full fridges and freezers use less energy, so fill up your fridge so it can recover its internal temperature more quickly after being opened. But remember to leave enough space around food items to allow circulation of cold air.

2. Around the home: Use your blinds and drapes. In the winter, open your blinds during the day to allow sunlight to heat your home, then close them at night to minimize heat loss. In the summer, keep them closed during the day to block out the heat.

3. Home appliances: Electricity demand is greatest during the day. Running major appliances at night or in the early morning will put less strain on the electricity grid. Ask your electricity provider when the cheapest rates are. Our rates literally are cut in half after 7pm, so that is when I do laundry! 

4. Insulation and heating: Cover your existing hot water heater with an insulating cover. You can buy a hot water heater jacket at your hardware store –  it will be worth the trip, saving you on your water heating costs. While you’re at it, add insulating covers to any exposed pipes for even more savings.

5. Appliances and electronics: The age, condition and efficiency of your appliances plays a big role in how much energy you use, so it’s important to keep them in good working order, and at some point, consider upgrading to the most energy-efficient models. Whenever you’re shopping for electronics of any kind, make sure you tell sales staff you’re looking for energy efficiency. When consumers start demanding it, companies will start supplying it.

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