Feeling Fantastic at 40… and Beyond

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laughingAre you female, 40 to 50, and feeling frustrated, fatigued and flabby? If this sounds at all familiar, read on.

Many women fear 40 and beyond, thinking that the best is behind them. However, this is not the case. As a card-carrying member of the 40-and beyond-crowd, I can tell you that feeling fantastic at 40 is not beyond reach… and it can also be more fun!

We are all aware of the aging process. Not just the physical telltale signs, but the emotional ones as well. Emotional highs and lows, anxiety, lack of sleep and chronic stress… it all requires great effort and some days it’s downright overwhelming. But there are simple things we can do to continue to have vibrant healthy lives.

1. Make Healthier Food Choices

Review your meals and food choices. Pick an area or two to improve. Up your veggie intake by two or three servings a day. Say no to the soda and juice, and the second or third glass of wine. Opt for herbal tea or a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon or lime.

Starting the day with a cup of coffee and a bagel? Ditch it. Take 3 minutes out of your day. Make a breakfast smoothie (whey protein, milk and fresh/frozen fruit) to ensure you start the day off right. It provides a nutritious, quick breakfast to kickstart your metabolism, support health and immunity.

Kick it up a notch with a daily supplement of omega-3 fish oil rich in EPA and DHA. The essential fatty acids are full of health benefits. They improve mood, support brain and cognitive health, cardiovascular health and vision. They are anti-inflammatory in nature, which can also aid joint health (arthritis, aches and pain) and support weight loss.

2. Create a Stress-Free Lifestyle

Chronic stress creates havoc in our lives and on our body. Effects include irritability, lack of sleep and loss of sex drive, to name only a few. Furthermore, research reveals that greater life stress and stress reactivity can contribute to central (abdominal) fat.

Ugh… seriously, it all seems so unfair. But we do have the power to change.

Laugh! Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones. Research shows laughter can improve general health and strengthen the immune system, and reduce pain levels and food cravings, plus so much more – but those few benefits alone are a great start.

Move! Become active. Pick up a new sport. Garden. Go for a walk, cut the lawn, declutter the house. Just do something. There are benefits to your body, as well your mind.

If you still have stressful symptoms, consider supplements like theanine, GABA, 5-HTP, passionflower or St. Johns Wort. There are many options ! Talk to one of our nutrition experts to see what is right for you.

And most importantly, keep a healthy attitude!

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