EBook Excerpt: I Want a Greener Lifestyle – But I Don’t Want the Inconvenience

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Here is the first in our weekly series of excerpts from the EBook, “6 Weeks to a Greener Lifestyle.” See the note at the end of this post for more information. — Paula

A common sentiment today is the desire to live greener – reduce waste, use less energy, conserve valuable resources – but many people are held back by a fear that living greener will mean a lot more inconvenience and hassle in their lives.

I know.

I had that same fear, and the fear of being inconvenienced created an inertial barrier to my actually doing anything.

But the only way to create a greener lifestyle is to take some action, some positive step toward “greenness.” You really can begin to establish greener habits right away with minimal inconvenience or upset to your current lifestyle. Living green and saving energy is good stewardship of the world we are privileged to live in.

There is also a very practical reason for establishing a greener lifestyle: it will save you money.

You will be rewarded for your efforts to “go green” not only by the realization that you are doing your part to conserve valuable resources and reduce your carbon footprint, but also by saving significant money as well.

The mission of this book is to help you create a greener lifestyle by taking practical, cost-effective steps that will minimize the inconvenience and maximize the financial benefits to you.

What Will This Book Provide

Here is a brief preview of some of the things we will cover:

  • Carrying out a home audit to identify ways you can use water and household energy more efficiently
  • Recycling and reusing a wide range of items to reduce waste
  • Reducing consumption of fossil fuels through earth-friendly shopping, eating, and travel habits
  • Limiting the “Vampire Energy” drain from a variety of personal and household electronics

For example, here is small change you can make that is often overlooked. Have you ever considered how “un-green” bottled water is? Just consider the 1.5 million tons of plastic used by the bottled water industry each year, and how using a simple home water filter could reduce the plastic bottles going into landfills and the consumption of petroleum-derived products used to make those bottles. Your bank account will benefit from avoiding bottled water, as well. It costs about 100-times as much as water purified from your tap using a simple filter.

Naturally, it is not all that realistic to believe that adopting a greener lifestyle can take place overnight. This book describes a simple, practical approach to living greener that you can implement easily over a 6-week period. An audit will help you target your efforts. There will be periods of assessment during which you can look at the effects of your work on your budget and on your household bills and make improvements.

Within only a few weeks you should begin to see how a greener lifestyle will be putting more “green” into your pocket.

So, what can you do? How can you establish a green lifestyle with a minimum of inconvenience and cost? This book will show you how.

Here is my dual promise to you:

  • You will learn how to live greener by taking simple, easy-to-implement steps.
  • You will save money by conserving water and using less energy at home and as you carry out your normal activities around the home.

If you can implement just some of the suggestions provided here, you can save hundreds of dollars in only a few months. With a little more diligence, you can save thousands of dollars per year, more than 100 times the cost of this book.
I am sure you can do it.

So let’s get started!

Steve Stillwater is passionate about developing a greener lifestyle, and his goal is to show you how to incorporate easy-to-implement green living ideas into your life. He blogs and writes regularly about green living ideas and provides a continuously updated green news feed on his website. For more information or to buy and download the full Ebook, “6 Weeks To A Greener Lifestyle,” just follow this link.

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