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GregerNo question the Village Green blog, the website, the weekly radio show and the friendly, helpful staff in the store make up a reliable and well-rounded resource for all things related to health, nutrition and natural supplements. But with the endless sea of information that is the World Wide Web, there is always someplace new (or old) worth checking out to learn something.

This week I want to share one of these places. At (I know, how did I not find it sooner?) Dr. Michael Greger brings us easy-to-understand translations of key nutrition research in the form of short, engaging video segments. Nearly 1,000 videos span an archive of over 1,600 health topics from dark chocolate to vaccinations. 

These aren’t your day-to-day nutrition topics, either. More like things you can’t help but be curious about. Earlier this week he covered Tart Cherries for Insomnia. Some from the most popular list include #1 Anticancer Vegetable and Flaxseeds vs Chia Seeds.

One of my personal faves – The Healthiest Sweetener – offers an evidence-based answer to that burning question of which is best for you, from Agave to honey to date sugar.

Whether you subscribe to the YouTube channel or just browse around the website, it’s easy to get sucked in watching one topic after the next. Go learn something!


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December 2022