How Daily Choices Impact Your Life: 5 Keys to Healthier Living

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daily-choices-questionsMost of us make hundreds of daily choices without much thought as to how they will impact our lives.

• What to wear
• What to eat
• How to relate to other people
• How to care for our bodies, minds and spirits
• How we “show up”
• How we nurture ourselves and those we love… and so much more

Many of these choices are more like habits, and we don’t recognize them as choices because we don’t even realize we’re making them. But by changing how you view your daily choices, you can easily and positively impact your life and health, moving closer toward the life you truly want.

Here are five keys to healthier living that are made possible simply by understanding how your daily choices impact your life.

1) Nutrition / Fitness / Wellness

What daily food choices are you making? Do you usually go for chemicals, toxins, and other unrecognizable substances and ingredients? You’re probably thinking, “Of course not!” But take a closer look. Healthier living starts with what you put into your body and daily choices should include real, whole foods that are rich in nutrients, avoiding those convenient but highly processed foods with no nutrients, just empty calories. 

When you’re about to make daily food choices, take a minute to look into the future and imagine your lean, fit, healthy body filled with energy and vitality. Then take another minute to picture your body suffering from the negative impact of “sub foods”- such as weight gain, sluggishness, ill health and disease. Choosing what you fill your body with is key to better nutrition.

Better fitness begins with active choices, as well. Choosing to be active, thinking about how you move throughout your day (or don’t move) will help you to create and keep a healthier, stronger body. Again, take a look into the future and imagine yourself flexible, lean, toned and strong – able to keep up with life! Staying active, physically and mentally, is key to your overall fitness and wellness. 

2) Relationships

What daily choices are you making regarding the most important people in your life? Do you work to communicate easily and well with those you love? How about with friends, associates, coworkers and acquaintances? Take a close look at the current way you speak, handle and experience all of your relationships. Making daily choices to fully and positively express love, support, friendship  – even intimacy – will allow your relationships to become healthier over time, and even thrive!

3) Business / Financial

For many, daily choices involving money impact nearly every corner of their lives. Chances are good that this may be true for you as well. So, what are you doing to grow your business, seek out opportunities, potential prospects, better deals and more successful results? Are your daily choices supporting your career growth… or keeping you from moving forward? Looking into the future, will your choices have helped or hurt your financial status? Your productivity will be healthier and your finances more secure when you consistently move forward.

4) Personal Development

What do you fill your mind with each day? You probably already know that something as routine as the choices of TV shows can impact your life positively or negatively. But how often do you make a conscious effort to choose to spend your time learning, listening to positive messages and watching quality programming? Consider reading, meditating or journaling for just 10 minutes each day and notice how your attitude, thoughts, feelings, and even your energy level, can improve within a very short time. Take a closer look at what you’re looking at for a healthier outlook on life.

5) Lifestyle / Stress Control

Why stress if you don’t have to, and why not avoid stress whenever possible? Are you creating a lifestyle filled with joy, passion, purpose and fulfillment… or one that promotes stress? If your daily choices often involve tasks that leave you feeling unsatisfied, unrewarded, unproductive or unfulfilled, look instead for simple activities that allow you to express yourself and your creativity, while providing you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Take control of your stress levels for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we can’t control everything, but one thing we can control is our choices. You have the right and the ability to choose:

• Your thoughts
• Your behaviors
• Your actions
• Your habits

And while we don’t always see the impact of our daily choices until something happens – good or bad – honest answers to the above questions will help you to understand just how even the smallest daily actions can provide you with huge results.

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