Creating Your Own Wellness Plan

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Someone recently asked me, “What steps do I take to work towards better health?” Here’s what I said.

When someone realizes they want/need to work towards better health, there are certain steps to take in order to create lasting lifelong changes. The first step is figuring out what needs to change. Look at your lifestyle and determine where you need to improve. It can be in the areas of nutrition, fitness, emotional wellness, stress control, relationships and even spirituality. Determine which areas need work and start there.

The next step is to design a realistic plan with mini-goals. To overhaul your routine is temporary and can be destructive to your self-esteem and well-being. Setting a realistic goal (for example: drink more water, exercise 1 more day than the week before, no eating off of anyone else’s plates, etc.) and achieving it builds self-esteem and confidence to continue.

You know where your struggles and greatest obstacles lie. For some people, it’s finding time for fitness. For others it’s dealing with binge/emotional or mindless eating. For some it’s finding better outlets for stress control. Whatever you’re struggling with most is the first place to start because that’s what’s holding you back from looking, feeling and living your best.

The key is to determine what needs “tweaking” so that you put yourself on the road to better health. Believe it or not, even spending time with positive, optimistic people as opposed to negative, pessimistic people is a step in the right direction. Happy, upbeat people actually support and strengthen our immune system!

What change will you make today? Comment and share!

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