Coping with Grief: Bach Flower “Star of Bethlehem”

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Grief is a hard emotion and people deal with it many different ways. I recently lost an uncle to Alzheimer’s. It was a long and hard road for both him and his family. In a way, this has brought peace to a horrific situation, but there is still an intense sadness in losing one you have loved.

Personally, I have turned to Bach Flower Essences for many situations. I have used their Rescue Remedy for stressful situations and to help me ease tension. However, for grief I turn to their single remedy, Star of Bethlehem. It is recommended for shock, grief, distress, for those who need consolation and comfort, for bad news, an accident, fright, a narrow escape, for delayed shock, to neutralize effects of any shock past or present, even the shock of birth.

Flower remedies are a simple and natural method of healing that work with the emotional state of a person, rather than the physical illness. They act to harmonize and balance the personality, and to counteract such things as irritation, fears and guilt, which Dr. Bach, the founder, saw as the real cause of illness and unhappiness.

I would like to clarify, however, that is not a replacement for the comfort of loved ones, or therapy if needed. What it is, is a safe remedy to help you cope with your emotions.

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November 2022