Back to School… For Moms

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Toward the end of summer, moms begin to think about the upcoming school year. While the summer may have meant lazy days without schedules or routines, the school year brings about something else entirely. How can you ensure a seamless year – for you? Here are my 10 tips for school year success… for moms!

Tip 1: Get Organized

Clutter and disarray create stress. Start by taking on one area at a time with the intention of doing one of four things with all of the clutter that you see: fix, put away, give away or throw away. Then, follow through. Also, find a way to stay organized by creating a simple system that works for you and your family. Calendars, labels, containers, apps and other tools are all great to help keep you organized if they meet the needs of you and your family.

Tip 2: Plan Meals and Snacks

You know that saying: “If you fail to plan then plan to fail!” That’s so true when it comes to meal planning. Decide to keep things simple by choosing healthy yet simple meals to prepare. Also, make meals ahead when you can, keep healthy snack options on hand as well as in the car, your bag and your desk, so you’re feeding and fueling your family and yourself with options you choose versus whatever is available when hunger strikes.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated

One of the main causes of fatigue that is totally fixable is dehydration. Always have pure, filtered water or your favorite beverage on hand. Mine is Vita Coco coconut water and I am loving the new Orange flavor they just sent me – a blend of all-natural coconut water and orange juice, jam-packed with key electrolytes and only 60 calories per serving.

Tip 4: Exercise

Prioritize your workouts so you get them done by scheduling them in just as you would any other appointment. Taking care of yourself helps you to better take care of everyone else within your care and reach. Find a program you like, that’s centered around your specific needs, goals, preferences and lifestyle and make it a regular part of your routine.

Tip 5: Sleep

Create a sleep routine and sleep environment that’s clean, serene and comfortable. Getting adequate, restorative sleep is a key to weight loss while helping you stay clear, alert, focused and more patient.

Tip 6: Say No!

Many moms have a case of “Yes and No Confusion.” We say yes to things that pull us away from our values while chipping away at our time and energy. As a result, we end up saying no to opportunities that bring us joy, passion and purpose. Make this school year the year you get the right words out at the right time to protect your boundaries while nurturing yourself.

Tip 7: Pay Attention to Your Relationships

This year, make the decision to nurture positive, loving and supportive relationships while steering clear of those who are negative, critical, judgmental and pessimistic. Not only are positive relationships good for you mentally and emotionally, having strong connections with others boosts our immune system and improves our health!

Tip 8: Prepare for Some Personal Development

As the kids go back to school to learn, grow and evolve, how about you? You know that saying: “If you’re not growing your dying?” Staying stagnant mentally keeps us mentally bored. Challenging ourselves with something we find rewarding makes life more exciting and fulfilling. Is there a hobby you’d like to pursue, a class, degree or inspirational book you’d like to read? Create your own curriculum for a year of continuous self-improvement.

Tip 9: Assess Your Image

It’s not just what you wear, but how you “show up.” How’s your energy, your body language, your mannerisms and your wardrobe? Do they reflect the “you” that you’re trying to become? Create an image of you at your personal and professional best. Then, continuously work toward being that person, starting right now.

Tip 10: Check Your Perspective

How’s your outlook and perspective? Is it filled with fear, doubt and worry, or optimism, faith and trust? Every thought, behavior and habit you have is driven by your beliefs and how you see the world. While there will always be plenty of others complaining about their body, their relationships, their jobs and their life, how about committing to a perspective that drives you toward being, doing and having more? Maybe make a rule like: “I’m only allowed to complain if I follow up with a plan to change what I’m complaining about,” or “Every time I criticize myself or others, I’ll replace it with a comment that’s kind and compassionate.” Slowly you’ll look at that half empty glass as half full.

This school year let’s change old habits and unhealthy behaviors in order to become stronger, better and wiser while working toward feeling less stressed and having more fun! It’s time to go back to school, moms. Make it a great year!

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