Arnica to the Rescue

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Instead of becoming an engineer, my husband would rather be playing  in the National Hockey League against or alongside Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin.  However, he does play recreationally and he loves it.  He has the scars, bruises and sprains to prove it. 

This is why the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana is in our first aid kit..and  used often.  Arnica Montana is traditionally used for inflammation, bruising, aches and pains and any sort of physical trauma.  It is best used immediately following the injury to help speed up the healing process.  

True story:  3 days before we were to get married in front of 200 guests, my husband was hit across the face with a hockey stick leaving 2 black eyes and a cut across his nose.  As soon as he got home he started on Arnica immediately.  By Saturday, the black eyes were gone and all that was left of the incident was a slight, small scab across his nose that is not visible in our pictures (whew!).  This made my husband a believer in “natural products”, and any time he has an injury of any sort he beelines for the medicine cabinet for the little blue tube of arnica.

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