April Showers Brings… Fat-Blasting Workouts You Can Do Indoors!

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push-up-with-catThe weather is finally warming up for those of us on the east coast and we may be eager to take our workout outdoors. But, we all know that saying, “April showers brings May flowers.” What can you do when rain dampens your workout plans? Here are seven ways to blast fat fast indoors, using no more than your own body weight as equipment. Of course, check with your doctor before starting any fitness program if you have any health issues. By the way, these fat-blasting workouts can be done anywhere, so no excuse for not being able to work out while traveling!

Stair Workout: Got stairs? This one will get your heart rate up and work every muscle you have in minutes. Starting at the bottom of your stairs, sprint up, sprint back down and do 10 push-ups when you get to the bottom of the stairs (regular or modified depending on your fitness level). Get up, sprint up, back down and do 9 push-ups at the bottom. Another sprint up and down, then 8 push-ups at the bottom, then 7, then 6, etc. until you’ve done your last push-up at the bottom of the stairs.

Burpees: Strange name, intense exercise. Here’s one where in one movement, you’re using your entire body, building muscle and blasting fat. In a quick movement, put your hands on the floor like you’re preparing to do a push-up. Once on the floor, kick your legs out so you’re in a push-up position (keep your back and abs tight). Now bring your feet in under your chest so you’re in a very low squat. From that low position jump to a standing position and as you jump, raise your arms overhead. Repeat as many as you can do for 1 minute. If it’s too intense, come up to a standing position and leave out the jumping part.

Plank to Squat: This one works your core and lower half. Hands hip distance apart and in a push-up position, keep your back and abs tight. Hold the plank so you strengthen your core, quickly get up and squat, making sure your knees are above the ankles (vs. the toes), chest is up and the weight is on your heels only. Repeat as many as you can do for 1 minute.

Push-up Lunge: Whether you’re doing a regular or modified push-up (feet on the ground vs. knees on the ground), with your back and abs tight, do a push-up then come up for a lunge, making sure your knee stays above your ankle. Back down for a push-up, come up and lunge with the other leg. Repeat for 1 minute, alternating which leg is in front with every lunge.

Knees Up to Push-Ups: It looks like you’re jogging in place except you’re bringing your knees up higher than your hips. This move alone will get your heart rate up and blast fat fast. Now alternate with 30 seconds of knees up then hit the floor for 30 seconds of slow push-ups (taking 4 counts to go down, 4 counts to come back up). Keeping your back and abs tight, make sure you exhale as you lift with each push-up. After 30 seconds, come up and repeat 1 minute of knees up, back to push-ups, etc.

Froggers: That’s the name because that’s what you look like when you do these high intensity movements. Go into a squat position making sure your knees are above the ankles, squatting all the way down so your hands touch the floor between your legs. From that position and staying in a squat, frog jump forward and frog jump back for 1 minute. Want to change it up a bit? After that round, frog jump from side to side or frog jump forward/back then side/side. Repeat for 1 minute.

Overhead Jackknife: This is a core blaster. Lying on your back and making sure your lower back is pressed firmly into the floor, your arms are overhead and your legs are straight. In one movement and keeping your lower back pressed firmly into the floor, bring your straight legs and straight arms together so they touch overhead. The key is to keep your lower back down and core tight. If this is too challenging, lift your upper body with your arms overhead, pull your knees into your chest, hugging your knees into your chest with your arms at the top of the movement. Bring the legs out again, arms overhead and bring arms and legs together with knees bent vs. straight. Repeat for 1 minute.

Whether you do these exercises in an HIIT circuit (high intensity interval training circuit) or choose a few to do throughout the day, these burst training movements will help you get fit and toned, regardless of the weather outside.

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