Accomplishing More: 7 Truths for Increased High Energy

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fall-runIf you had more energy, you could…

If you had more energy, you would…

The truth is, with increased high energy you could and probably would do so many more things. It just seems to make sense that you would get more accomplished, have more “pep in your step,” and do things in a bigger, bolder and better way, right?

So, what’s the secret for increased high energy in your life?

While you can’t control everything, I believe the secret to accomplishing more is in the following seven truths for increased high energy. They can make all the difference in your energy level and, when practiced, can set you on the path to accomplishing more than you ever thought possible!

Here are the things that most impact your life on a daily basis:

  1. People
  2. Food
  3. Exercise
  4. Sleep
  5. Emotions
  6. Clutter
  7. Change


Which of these 7 truths could help you accomplish more in your life?

1. People: The truth about relationships and the people you spend your time with, is that they either energize and invigorate… or drain and deplete you.

A friend, partner or coworker who’s negative, critical, judgmental, pessimistic and always complaining; who speaks negatively about her body, her job, her relationships, her life and feels free to criticize yours as well, is going to suck the energy out of you – every time! The truth is she looks forward to spending time with you because it gives her an opportunity to vent and find relief, but once she’s through, she is the only one who feels lighter, freer and ready to go on with her day. She enjoys speaking to you because you’re a great listener, enabling her to be heard and valued, and that’s great for her – but how do you feel?

On the other hand, let’s say you have a friend who is lighthearted, enthusiastic and embraces life with eagerness and zest. Just thinking about this friend brings you increased energy, because you know you’ll be having fun and enjoying each other’s company whenever you connect and afterward, you’ll still be energized!

2. Food: The truth about eating is that you must focus on your choices, your portions and your habits.

As far as choices go, it’s important to eat foods that fuel and nourish you. This is the best way to get the vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients you need for sustained energy. If your diet does not include the proper nutrients, is highly processed, high in sugar and unhealthy fats, and offers too little in the way of sustained energy, it’s very likely you will use substitutions like sugar, caffeine or other such vices to keep you alert and awake.

The truth is, you’ll get (and keep) more energy by eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables (preferably organic to reduce the amount of herbicides and pesticides you’re taking in). You’ll also enjoy increased and sustained high energy from healthy sources of fat and protein such as nuts, eggs, fish, grass fed beef and free-range chicken. Protein sources that are organic, grass fed and free-range increase the quality of the protein and reduce the amount of hormones and antibiotics you take in, because they weren’t given to the animal so they aren’t given to you. Remember to limit the amount of prepared and processed foods you eat, too.

 Like your relationship choices, select foods that are whole, healthy and real!

3. Exercise: The truth is you just need to move! Regular activity and exercise are crucial for increased and lasting energy, because blood and oxygen need an opportunity to circulate and be utilized more efficiently and effectively. Mentally and emotionally, exercise provides a healthy outlet for stress and floods your body with endorphins – a healthy and natural way to increase high energy.

Other bonuses of increased high energy are weight loss, improved quality of sleep, a sense of control, and the ability to accomplish more!

4. Sleep: The truth is, whether it’s sleep, rest, meditation, relaxation or deep breathing, these practices help to restore, regenerate and revitalize you. You’ll be left with a clear mind, a greater ability to focus, and a feeling of being refreshed and energized.

Spending extra time preparing for rest can provide more benefits, as well. Make your surroundings as comfortable as possible. Light a candle. Add a scent you love and some relaxing sounds to your space. Make it an experience and accomplish a deeper level of rest.

5. Emotions: Lighten up! This may be the best truth about having an increased level of energy, because of all the things you can’t control – you can control your feelings and actions.

Make room for joy, gratitude, play, curiosity, fascination and laughter in your life. Not only do these feelings and actions feel good and bring you increased high energy, they’re also great for your health. Studies show that positive emotions promote the release of “feel good” chemicals within your body, which help to strengthen the immune system!

6. Clutter: The truth is you may need to clean up areas of your life. I’m talking about letting go of the pain, grudge, anger, resentment and other “stuff” in your life that isn’t necessary. These will only drain your energy reserves and demand your attention, causing you to be unfocused and unable to accomplish more.

Look at these things as a physical weight that you’re carrying around with you at all times. Can you see how heavy, draining and tiring this can be? Now, imagine how much more energy you’d have, how light and free you’d feel if you allowed yourself to put some of those unwanted and unnecessary stressors, like so much trash, out to the curb. Walk away and don’t look back – you can do without them!

7. Change: The truth is that, for many of us, it takes an illness, crisis, tragedy or trauma to wake us up to these seven truths for increased high energy in our lives, to wake us up to how we’ve been living… or NOT living.

Don’t wait until some potentially devastating event happens. You’re worth more than a life of getting through your days, surviving and not thriving. Waking up to your life by practicing the changes I’ve described above gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your life around NOW and live a more fulfilling, meaningful life – one without limits!

Whether you see how just one – or all seven  of these truths can help you to accomplish more, you’ll find that each change you choose to make brings you closer to having the level of energy, as well as the level of happiness, health and fulfillment that you desire. And when you decide to live the life you want most – you will accomplish MORE. That’s just one more truth, I’ve learned!

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