8 Best Detox Supplements for 2021

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woman happy about detoxIf you want to kick off 2021 with more vitality and increased overall health, supportive detox supplements are a good way to help reboot your system. Choosing a nutrient-rich diet is extremely important, but ridding your body of toxins from sugar, alcohol, and other fun foods you enjoyed over the holidays can also go a long way in helping you look and feel your best.

Your holiday feasting or the champagne on New Year’s Eve are not the only things to blame, of course. Toxins – including those from environmental pollutants, personal care products, pesticides, preservatives in food, chemicals in tap water, and even stress – build up in your system throughout the year. A whole body detox can thus have a marked effect by helping to:

• Boost your immune system
• Improve your digestion and gut health
• Increase your circulation and energy levels
• Aid in better sleep and mental focus
• And more

Whatever detoxification approach you choose, the proper supplements combined with positive lifestyle choices may be able to help you rekindle your health.

Why the Body Needs to Detox

detox organsYour body’s main line of defense against toxins is the process of elimination, and it is carried out by several organs:

• Liver – Your liver is one of the largest organs, and it not only filters your blood of impurities, but it also breaks down nutrients from food for use by your cells.

• Kidneys – Your liver gets help from your kidneys, which filter waste from your blood and expel it as urine.

• Lungs – Your lungs filter out and remove harmful substances you breathe in.

• Intestines – Your intestines play a similar role, destroying unwanted organisms so they can be released from your system.

These elimination channels normally work effectively, but the heavy burden that results when your body is overwhelmed with toxins can damage your organs and prevent normal levels of detoxification. An elevated toxic load in the body can also:

• Cause chronic inflammation, leading to conditions like arthritis, heart disease, and in some cases, even cancer.
• Contribute to hormonal imbalances.
• Damage your DNA, thereby accelerating aging and cellular decline.
• Disrupt the function of enzymes – the catalysts responsible for chemical processes and cell metabolism – resulting in low energy and free-radical damage.
• Displace calcium and weaken bones.
• Alter how your genes give instructions to create proteins and other molecules.
• Damage cell membranes.

Worse yet, the problem is compounded over time because your body has less ability to detoxify when it is damaged by toxins. While supporting your body on a daily basis is ideal, sometimes a more targeted approach may be needed.

8 Supplements to Help Detox Your System

The detox process is meant help rid your body of chemicals and impurities. When it comes to detox products, there are many options to choose from, depending on what you need.

Additionally, not all “detox diets” actually detox. Those that greatly restrict your eating habits don’t always aid in detoxification. (Keep in mind that detox products are not meant to be used as weight loss aids.) Be sure to do your research and consult with a health care practitioner before detoxing.

Below are some of our favorite nutrient-rich products to help your body in the detox process.

1. Full Body Detox Support: Ultra Cleansing System

This month-long nutritional detox system is designed with morning and nightly capsules to work with your body’s daily rhythms. It supports natural detoxification of the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, colon and skin, and each contains a blend of herbs and other nutrients for optimum liver health, gut health and more. Red raspberry leaf tones the inner lining of the kidneys and aids their function, for example, while marshmallow root is used as an anti-inflammatory for lung conditions.

2. Greens Formula: Ultra Greens

Greens are among the best detoxifiers. Their alkalinity reduces inflammation and chlorophyll levels help absorb toxins – boosting liver function – and contribute to gut health. Greens are also a good source of iron, as well free radical fighting antioxidants. This greens formula contains more than 40 ingredients, including green superfoods, herbs, sea vegetables, and a blend of fibers.

3. Antioxidants: Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Antioxidants are another way to aid the detoxing process. These molecules fight damaging compounds in your body known as free radicals. Alpha-lipoic acid traps these compounds and can regenerate your stores of vitamins C and E. The health benefits of an antioxidant supplement extend to heart health, increased metabolism of fats and carbs, and repair of damaged cells.

4. Herbs: Liver Detox

Many plants have the ability to cleanse and are available as tinctures, powders, or in supplement (pill or capsule) form. Some of the best-known herbal detoxifiers are dandelion, red clover, stinging nettle, Oregon grape root, burdock root, cilantro, yellow dock and milk thistle. This liver detox combines several of these plants from organic, non-GMO sources for optimal liver health.

5. Fiber: Clear Fiber

There’s a reason fiber has been touted as one of the best foods to cleanse your body: it helps regulate stool and keep the bowels moving. The guar gum in Clear Fiber is a type of non-GMO soluble fiber (able to be dissolved in water) that does just that, plus inhibits absorption of excess cholesterol and glucose in the intestines and stomach. It also feeds beneficial gut bacteria and may aid in weight loss by creating a full feeling.

6. Extract: Green Tea

Green tea extract provides similar benefits as drinking several cups of green tea. Some of these benefits may include:

• Healthy cell growth
• Lower risk of heart disease
• Improved cognitive function
• Slower aging
• Increased fat burning
• Reduced free radicals in the body

This Green Tea Extract is available as both capsules and liquid. The capsules can be taken with meals, while the liquid can be added to a favorite drink.

7. Detox Support Bundle

The Detox Support Bundle is a comprehensive, synergistic detox program composed of four products. It combines the Ultra Cleansing System with soluble fiber and S-Acetyl Glutathione, the most important antioxidant in the body. This kit benefits the whole body, including the liver, digestive system, skin, and more for optimum overall health.

Bonus: 30-Day Self-Guided Whole Body Detox

Embarking on a detoxification course doesn’t have to be daunting when you have a plan. This concise, 30-day guide will help you with every step of your cleanse, including general health information, wholesome eating guidelines, and detox tips.

Other Detox Tips

drink water to help detoxThroughout your detox journey, remember to keep the basics in mind:

• Drink plenty of water
• Get sufficient sleep
• Exercise regularly
• Shift to a diet of nutritious, whole, and minimally processed foods
• Skip fast foods and “junk” foods
• Refrain from alcohol use
• Keep sugar intake to a minimum (or cut it out completely)

Adhering to these tips will help you detox faster and more efficiently, plus mean you’ll feel better and will have more energy.

Clean Body, Clear Mind

In our fast-paced world, having a sharp and clear mind is important. Toxins can lead to brain fog which can have a negative impact on your life. Taking supplements for detox, is not only beneficial for your body, but can also help clear your mind.

Contact Village Green Apothecary to speak with one of our nutrition advisors about detox supplements and get your questions answered.

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