6 Tips for Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

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Maintaining optimal blood sugar balance is important for physical and emotional health. It can help with controlling food cravings, managing weight, stabilizing your mood, supporting memory, and balancing hormones. It  can also reduce your risk for developing metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, and heart disease. Here are six tips to help you balance your blood sugar levels.

1) Eat within 1 hour of waking and every 3-4 hours until bedtime.

2) Never skip meals. 

3) Balance each meal and snack with lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates (fiber).

4) Avoid simple carbohydrates (pasta, bread, crackers, etc.), starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas, etc.), refined / processed foods, and sugar. Focus on eating whole foods such as lean meats, fish, beans, legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and whole grains, which typically have a low glycemic index (slower release of sugar into the bloodstream).

5) Supplement with the following products:

6) Consider doing Spectracell’s Micronutrient Testing to assess possible nutrient deficiencies that are necessary for blood sugar management, such as chromium, alpha lipoic acid, niacin, zinc, and magnesium. For more information about Spectracell testing, contact Margo Gladding at 301-530-0800 x1025.


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