6 Health Benefits from Clean Water

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The need for clean water hardly requires explanation. Everyone has an inherent understanding of the value of uncontaminated water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Beyond the obvious benefits of clean water for every day living, medical experts have validated some important health benefits, as well.

Here are five important reasons why clean water is good for your health as well as the environment, as reported by David Freeman in Reader’s Digest.

1) Reduced risk of stroke: good hydration in your body reduces the chance of blood clots forming, thereby offering protection against the possibility of a stroke

2) Lowered risk of heart disease: Medical research suggests that drinking five glasses of water per day cuts the risk of fatal heart attack by 50% in men.

3) Fewer kidney stones: Passing a kidney stone is no fun. In fact it is usually quite painful. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep stones from forming by maintaining a high level of dilution in your urinary tract.

4) Less risk of cancer: By drinking lots of water, your bladder is continually flushed out, removing toxins and potential carcinogens before they cause damage.

5) Keeping your weight down: By drinking two glasses of water (containing zero calories) before each meal you will consume less food. Overall you will consume fewer calories, contributing to maintaining your already svelte figure, or helping you to achieve one.

6) Better mood and clearer thinking: Dehydration can cause mental fuzziness and a poor mood. Staying hydrated can prevent these symptoms. You will be a little sharper and more pleasant to be around.

The health benefits of clean water are so compelling that I am stopping this post to go get a drink of water – from my whole-house water purification system. As you know, bottled water is to be avoided.

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