10 Ways to Boost Energy

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Feeling sluggish or tired, or having a hard time getting motivated? I came across an excellent article called 10 Energy Boosters that I’d like to share with our readers. According to the author, naturopath Gillian Flower, these are ways to boost overall energy levels.

  1. Decrease long-term and constant stresses by developing healthy coping skills
  2. Exercise
  3. Practice yoga, meditation and qi gong
  4. Eat well: make food your medicine
  5. Correct nutritional deficiencies
  6. SLEEP!
  7. Create “me” time
  8. Declutter your living space, work space and unhealthy relationships
  9. Shake things up, get out of your rut
  10. Trust yourself

Supplements may also provide support for lagging energy levels. Consult with your healthcare practitioner to see if the energy-support supplements below are right for you. 




Vitamin B complex

Provides cofactors for nutrient metabolism, blood cell generation, and neurotransmitter synthesis

Low energy resulting from stress, poor nutrition; may have antidepressant properties via serotonin formation

Vitamin B12, folate, iron

Required for red blood cell synthesis

Anemia resulting from deficiencies of these nutrients; do not take iron without knowing blood levels first

Fiber supplement

Can improve elimination, stabilize blood sugar levels, promote feeling of fullness

Constipation, erratic or high blood sugar levels; may assist weight loss

Rhodiola rosea

Adaptogenic herb that helps the body to withstand the effects of stress

Fatigue secondary to stressful situations; burnout

Panax ginseng

Stimulating adaptogenic herb that boosts mental alertness; widely used in botanical medicine worldwide

Low energy and mental fatigue


Hormone secreted by pineal gland, associated with sleep and circadian rhythms

Insomnia, especially when associated with shift work, jet lag


Ayurvedic medicine, classified as an adaptogen, used for its antispasmodic and relaxant effects

Low energy, fatigue from physical exertion, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, or depression


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